Best Christmas Gifts for DJs 2020

Christmas is here again! It’s season packed full of fun and festivities and DJs do a real shift with all the parties, functions and events that take place before Christmas and into the New Year.

When the big day comes, it’s time to reward that DJ in your life (or reward yourself of course) with some of these awesome DJ related gifts!

Some of these offerings make for quality stocking fillers whilst others do push the budget a bit! Still, there’s genuinely something for everyone and everything!

DJ Gifts for under $20

Before we get to the main list, let’s go over some super cheap DJ gifts that you can easily fill a stocking with.

Acrylic Turntable Mat | OrangeLit | LP Platter Mat

This awesome slipmat actually improves audio quality and clarity markedly by absorbing unneeded vibrations. It’ll also help absorb vibrations from nearby sound systems.

Slipmats of all kinds! Slipmats are cheap, cheerful and with thousands of cool and funny designs out there, they make for awesome and easy DJ gifts.

Disposable Earplugs You’re not winning anyone over by grabbing them some disposable earplugs but they’re worth chucking in the stocking for sure. They’re great for when you turn up for a gig and it’s just stupid loud, or if you need to get yourself some shuteye pre or post set.

Rotary Knobs – The stock rotary knobs on EQs and other mixer controls are often dull and boring. Aftermarket knobs like those by ChromaCaps come in all different colors including glow in the dark!

Disposable USB Sticks – This doesn’t mean you’d literally throw them away after a set! These are simply ultra-cheap USB sticks that allow you to make multiple backups inexpensively. Ten 1GB USB sticks will only set you back around $20! Make tons of backups and live in peace that you’ll always have at least one copy of your best sets at hand at all times.

Numark DJ2GO2 Serato DJ controller

Bottom Line: This tiny DJ controller is super cool and it’s packed with usable features which transform it away from its novelty style. A perfect gift for any DJ, the Numark DJ2GO2 is a fully usable portable DJ controller.

With jog-wheels, 4-way pads switchable between samples, loops and cue points and a crossfader, this DJ controller is tiny but very usable. It’s certainly not a toy – many top DJs use this exact controller to prep sets and create cue points and loops on the go.

This is pretty much the perfect DJ gift. It’s tiny and cheap, looks awesome and it’s proved itself to be highly usable when it comes to practice and mix prep. There’s no other controller suitable for practicing in enclosed spaces, or on the go when traveling between sets and it’ll certainly put a smile on people’s faces when you whip it out impromptu at a house party!

Whether you’ve got time to kill in your office, hotel room, train or backseat of a car, the DJ2GO2 is an extremely useful bit of kit.

Headline Features:

  • The smallest feature-packed DJ controller available
  • Not just a toy or novelty item – this DJ controller is used to prep and practice by pro DJs on the move
  • Comes with Serato DJ Intro for out-of-the-box functionality

NEQUARE [2-Pack] Party Lights Sound Activated Disco Ball Strobe Light

Bottom Line: Lighten up the life of your Christmas DJ with this awesome pair of strobe lights. They’re inexpensive and work effectively with minimal effort – simply plug and play!

These lights are pretty large, super bright, very colorful and they’re easily controlled with 2 small included remotes. You can alter the patterns or routine of the lights, their speed, intensity and color preference which is pretty awesome given their slim price.

Lights are one of those things that many house parties are lacking, but why when you can grab two awesome lights for under $30!? There’s no real excuse!

These pack a serious punch and whilst they won’t illuminate an entire massive dancefloor, they’ll easily dazzle guests in your living room or at smaller venues, functions and parties.

Headline Features:

  • A 2-pack of strobe lights for under $30
  • Easily controlled via 2 included remotes
  • Automatically sync to music

TISINO 1/4 inch to 3.5mm Stereo Adapter Cable

Bottom Line: What’s the number 1 item a DJ will lose constantly throughout their life? Their headphone adapter! Drop one of these and it will roll off never to be found again. You can never have enough of them but this high-quality adapter is at least a bit bigger and bolder than a regular adapter meaning it’ll hopefully be easier to hold onto!

There isn’t much to say about this – it’s a vital component of any DJ’s accessory case or bag and even though someone at a gig, party or venue is likely to have one you can borrow, you just can’t count on it!

Be that guy/girl who always remembers their headphone adapter. At least this one will stick out due to its convenient and innovative design. You’ll probably have to stop the last DJ from slipping it into their pocket, though!

Anker Powerhouse, Compact 400Wh / 120000mAh Portable Outlet, Generator Alternative Rechargeable Power Source

Bottom Line: This ridiculously powerful power bank is large enough to power a small army of DJ devices and gadgets. You could actually power a small party with this alone, there’d be no need for a petrol generator – no power, no party? Not anymore!

Every DJ loves a good renegade party. This massive powerbank packs a multitude of features for any user and it’d make a fantastic gift for any techie or gadget lover. It’ll power power-hungry electrical items for hours over camping trips, days out, garden parties or in any other powerless situation you can think of. It’s just one of those extremely useful gadgets that’ll serve a ton of uses.

With a 400W output, you could power decks, a mixer, some small lights and a relatively loud PA system with this power bank. You might only get a couple of hours out of it at half load but still, it’s a viable replacement for small generators and at a relatively reasonable one-off price, you can’t really fault its usefulness.

One way of getting maximum mileage out of this for an outdoor party is to combine it with the following speaker:

The SOUNDBOKS 2 – The Loudest Portable, Battery Powered, Bluetooth Speaker

Bottom Line: This is an extremely powerful and long-lasting battery powered speaker. It’s very loud with awesome bass response and touting 40 hours of playback, it’s not about to die on you halfway through the party. If you combine it with the previous power bank you can easily power a small rave or party.

Ok, so this is at the extreme end of DJ ‘gifts’ but this speaker will not fail to put a massive grin on a DJ’s face at Christmas. It’s MASSIVE but it’s actually pretty light at 33lbs and with a huge battery, it’s a certified workhorse.

By running an RCA to AUX cable into this speaker you can DJ the night away anywhere you want – you’ll need to power your decks and mixer but those don’t draw much power at all compared to soundsystems.

With a powerful power bank like the aforementioned Anker Powerhouse, you can viably put on a heavy outdoors party all night long complete with a full light show and enough extra power to keep phones and laptops charged.

Headline Features

  • Enormously powerful battery powered speaker
  • Packed with high-tech amps for efficient but loud audio
  • An alleged 40 hours of use on a single charge!
  • Light weight for transportation anywhere

Corsair Flash Survivor Stealth

Bottom Line: Another crucial DJ accessory is the humble and eternally useful USB stick. Aside from the massive increase in storage space, USB sticks have remained pretty much the same over the last 10 years or so. The Corsair Survivor Stealth bucks the trend – it’s waterproof, strong and with USB 3.0 and plenty of size options, it makes for a superb gift for any DJ.

Losing a USB stick can be catastrophic! You might lose your cue points, your tracks, your mix notes and any other data you’ve got stored on there and if you don’t have a backup then you’re pretty much screwed!

This awesome USB stick is one to keep a hold of! Created from aircraft-grade aluminum, this USB stick is shockproof, dustproof and waterproof to 200m. It’s extremely durable and it won’t blend in with other DJ’s USB sticks so you’ll know it’s yours.

Headline Features:

  • Super durable USB stick
  • Waterproof, shockproof and dustproof
  • Comes in 32GB or 64GB size options
  • USB 3.0 equipped

Party Lights DJ Disco Stage Lights Projector Wieppo Sound Activated Led Laser Karaoke Strobe Light

Bottom Line: So we’ve covered lights but what about lasers?! Everyone loves lasers! This laser kit is super cheap and they can effectively light up reasonably large venues, parties and living rooms. It even comes with a remote control!

This laser kit is capable of putting on some awesome light shows packed full of psychedelic patterns and trippy FX. This laser set automatically sync to music – it’s set and forget and it’s extremely simple to operate.

With the included remote, you can modify speed, color, shape and pattern from a distance.

Headline Features

  • Powerful but safe cheap laser set
  • Syncs to music
  • Controllable via included remote control

EarPeace HD Concert Ear Plugs

Bottom Line: DJs need to look after their ears. There’s no round it – don’t even try and disagree! If you spend a lot of time in loud venues listening to loud music then you WILL lose your hearing – it’s just a matter of time. The good news is even earplugs have developed to become better and these awesome plugs filter damaging frequencies whilst retaining fidelity.

These are some of the bestselling earplugs on the market. They aren’t particularly expensive but they’re certainly high performance earplugs, definitely not the cheap reusable type. Developed extensively in laboratories, these earplugs come in 3 different forms for different listening environments and are tuned to precisely suit the needs of music listeners and performers.

These earplugs make for a perfect present as they’re simply so important to use habitually. Earplugs are the kind of thing that you may not think to buy yourself but when you do own them, you’ll be compelled to use them. It’s surprising how much audible detail is retained when wearing these – if you felt that they’d cloud the music and ruin the experience then think again.

Headline Features

  • Pro earplugs for DJs, musicians and music lovers
  • 3 types of earplug for different listening environments
  • Durable metal casing for transportation

RANE DJ Digital Turntable

Bottom Line: This ultra-cool DJ device is perfect for seasoned scratchers or those who want to practice the art. It eliminates the need to have a big vinyl collection, cutting down the gear and maintenance required to be a vinyl DJ without changing the authentic feel of using a turntable.

Turntables will still have an eternal role in the DJ’s arsenal for scratchers. Scratchers have adapted to using CDJs and even controllers but you just can’t beat that proper turntable feel and to meet this demand, the Rane Digital Turntable was born. Somewhere between real vinyl and DVS, it combines digital flexibility with that timeless analog real-vinyl feel.

The Rane Digital Turntable eradicates the need for needles and vinyls, eliminating wear and feedback. This breathes new life into turntablism, allowing for scratchers to perform with the impeccable audio quality and sub-bass which is hard come by with DVS or real vinyl.

Headline Features

  • An awesome device for scratching with digital mixing software
  • Combines the feel of vinyl with a digital device
  • Perfect for pro scratchers or those looking to learn


All of these items are proper gifts, they aren’t tacky or ultimately useless and certainly won’t end up in the bin!

From the more expensive SOUNDBOKS 2 to the cheap, cheerful and infinitely fun lasers and strobes, there’s something to fit every pocket and every stocking. Grab yourself or your DJ friend, partner or sibling an awesome Christmas gift today!

Merry Christmas!

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