11 Best DJ Accessories in 2020

It’s 2020 and DJ accessories are cooler, better and cheaper than ever. There’s also a huge choice with manufacturers and brands going head-to-head to bring out the very best DJ accessories on the market today.

DJing has diversified hugely in the last 20 years. We’ve gone from relatively simple and confining all-vinyl and turntable setups to much larger, more flexible and more powerful digital setups. Regardless of what side of the fence you’re on – old school or new school – or whether or not you believe DJing has gotten better or worse, it’s an exciting time to get involved!

DJ equipment covers all the major bases, e.g. decks, mixers, amps, speakers, headphones, etc, but what about all the other stuff?! A DJ needs a large and diverse arsenal of equipment to survive in the modern world!

Here, we’ll be looking at some of the best accessories available for DJs to broaden their setups and in turn, their horizons.

Drives and USBs

The DJ’s arsenal has moved from bags of vinyl and CDs to something a fraction of the size and weight: the USB stick. USB sticks have become cheaper, stronger and more efficient in every way. In 2020, you really should be looking to upgrade your USB stick to take advantage of some of the new models on offer.

SanDisk Extreme Go USB 3.1 Flash Drive 64GB

With USB 3.1, this USB stick achieves mad read/write speeds of over 150mb/s. That means you can copy enormous libraries of music in mere minutes. It is almost 35x faster than USB 2.0 sticks! At the price, there’s basically no reason you shouldn’t upgrade your USB drive immediately.

This USB is excellent value, well made and durable. It functions at temperatures up to around 35 degrees celsius which is good enough but if you DJ in a club which quickly becomes like a sauna or in other freakishly hot conditions, you might prefer the next USB stick.

  • Super-fast
  • Great design
  • Cheap
  • Variety of sizes available

Samsung 32GB BAR (METAL) USB 3.0 Flash Drive

Super stylish and incredibly well built, this USB stick is equipped with USB 3.0 which is easily fast enough to copy huge libraries of music at rapid speeds. This USB is equipped with many shielding and proofing technologies; it’s shock-proof, x-ray proof, dust-proof and magnet proof.

It has a 5-year warranty to back this up. The key advantage of this USB, though, is that it works up to very high temperatures of around 60 degrees celsius. This makes it an excellent choice for DJs working in hot environments.

  • Strong and durable
  • Withstands high temperatures
  • 5-year warranty

With all that said, many DJs do now use portable drives which have now also become far more portable and durable and with massive sizes on offer, you can fill your libraries to the absolute brim and make sure you’re never without the perfect track for any gig or occasion.

Whilst USB sticks generally get the job done in terms of capacity with easily enough storage for thousands of tracks, there are DJs, e.g. events DJs, which may need outrageous quantities of tunes to play different types of gigs ranging from stomping techno nights to children’s parties and weddings. Splitting up different genres and playlists into different USBs can be a pain, why not grab yourself

SanDisk 1TB Extreme Portable External SSD

Available in sizes ranging from 250gb to 2TB, this awesome portable drive assures outrageously quick copy speeds thanks to its USB 3.1 technology. This hard drive is also equipped with IP55 dust and waterproofing but perhaps most useful, it is proven to consistently withstand drops from a height of around 2m.

That’s a great feature as many portable SSDs are fragile when dropped. It is USB-C and USB-A equipped so is suitable for both Mac and Windows. SanDisk are a time-honored manufacturer of portable storage and this is a superb SSD perfect for DJs.

  • Strong and durable
  • Super-fast
  • Range of sizes available

Cables and Adapters

Cables and adapters are the bread and butter of the audio world. Are you expected to own every cable in the book as a DJ? Nope, but it’s an asset and advantage to own at least some of your own cables.

MOBOREST 1/4 Inch Male to 1/8 Inch Female Pure Copper Adapter

Headphone adapters are a must-have for 2020 the same as they are every day, week, month and year of a DJ’s life. Not having a headphone adapter at the right time can screw you up, it’s just one of those things you’re always meant to have…that you have to have.

DJs are pretty protective of their headphone adapters and for good reason, they’re so easy to lose or to steal. Don’t expect anyone to help you out or lend you one if you don’t have one when you need it! For 2020, make it your new year’s resolution to never be without a headphone adapter.

This particular headphone adapter is rock-solid and boasts an all-copper interior which is far longer-lasting than gold plating – these are built for durability. It looks great too and has some weight to it, you won’t be losing it in a hurry and you certainly won’t be lending it out too much!

  • Excellent build quality
  • All-copper for durability
  • Not easy to lose

SKW Audiophiles RCA Cable 2RCA Male to 2RCA

RCA cables are probably the most widely used DJ cables seeing as they can connect decks to mixers as well as mixers to amps and powered speakers. This essentially makes them a dual purpose cable for DJing, it’s worth grabbing yourself some so you know you’ll never be left without them.

These RCA cables are some of the best around, yep, they’re pricey but you can pay more and once you have these, they will serve you night-in-night-out so long as you look after them. With gold-plated connections, super-strong flexible wiring and a manufacturer’s guarantee to back them, these cables are sure to become one of your favorite DJ accessories in 2020.

  • Audiophile quality cables
  • Gold-plated for audio quality
  • Strong cables

Alto Professional Trouper | 200W Bi-Amplified Bluetooth enabled Full Range PA System

DJs that own their own speakers play at more parties, it’s as simple as that. Know that your venue’s house system is rubbish? Grab your own speakers! Speaker systems are cheaper now than ever and there’s some awesome choice on offer for great prices. Powered speakers are lighter, too, meaning you can hoist them along with your DJ kit to become an all-in-one DJ.

This is not only useful for practice, small events and house parties, it also means you can chip your speakers into bigger systems or use them as monitor speakers at events, etc.

This PA system is powered, so no amps are needed, and it provides a full-range of speakers meaning you don’t need tops or subs, etc, you only need this one cabinet – or two for a stereo system. This powered speaker comes with a number of inputs suitable for any mixer or controller and it also has a mic input which is highly useful for keeping your microphone separate from your DJ mixer.

With EQs built into the speaker too, you can make sure your mic is tuned up to your room and mix, cutting unwanted low-end from the voice if necessary. Finally, this speaker has Bluetooth connectivity which is very cool and useful for late in the night when you just want to play tunes through the system without mixing. It can also be used with wireless mixing software installed on your tablet or even on your phone!

  • Full-range powered speakers
  • Mic input
  • Can be linked to other PA speakers

Sound Activated Party Lights with Remote Control Dj Lighting, RBG Disco Ball Light

Talking about all-in-one DJs, why not add some lights to your setup? Lights are a must-have for any DJ offering to do events like parties or weddings, they don’t have to be super-complicated or expensive, anything you can bring to the table is a bonus.

These lights are powerful, colorful and they work very well in smaller spaces especially. Transform a front room into a real rave with these 7-color sound-responsive lights and become a sought-after house party DJ.

These lights are equipped with built-in shows and patterns which are controllable via the included remote. They’re very easy to set up and will blast away all night – for the price, you’d be foolish not to add some of these superb lights to your arsenal.

  • Very cheap
  • Bright and powerful
  • Sound responsive

Easife Fog Machine with Lights 500W

What goes hand-in-hand with lights? Fog machines! Fog machines are cool and are an exceptionally easy way to build an atmosphere and get the party moving. They were once expensive devices but now you can own one for less than $100. This smoke machine isn’t too simple, either, as it has built-in lights of its own enabling you to trigger different fog and light patterns that dazzle audiences and get dancefloors rocking.

For under $100 all-in, you can get yourself some lights and a fog machine, it’s undeniably great value and it turns you into that all-in-one DJ that can tackle any event.

  • Powerful 500w output
  • 3 lights
  • Comes with remote

Pyle Portable Folding Laptop Stand

Laptop stands are must-haves for DVS DJs or DJs that link their decks to DAWs like Ableton, etc. Laptops are becoming increasingly integrated into the DJ setup and they now allow DJs to play tunes directly from their laptop even without a DVS setup.

This is perfect for those wishing to broaden their horizons from purely CDJ and USB-style mixing using Pioneer gear, etc, and offers a fresh way to perform mixes with a blend of both traditional mixing and laptop mixing. This allows DJs to take advantage of many new-gen addons developing for RekordBox, Serato and Traktor.

This laptop stand is very well designed and whilst simple, for the money, it is hard to beat. It is highly adjustable and can be risen to a decent height, is sturdy and has an extra level for accessories. A must-have for any DJ looking to add a laptop to their setup in 2020.

  • Adjustable to a good height
  • Strong
  • Easy to assemble

CHAUVET DJ EZGOBO Battery-Powered LED Gobo Projector

Video DJing and projection are all the rage but most projectors are extremely expensive, large and heavy. This one isn’t, it’s small, portable and can be used with any compatible gobos, which are image-slides that can be used to project writing, patterns or other information. These are typically used at events, e.g. you could have a gobo that says ‘Happy 50th Ken!’

This projector comes with some wedding gobos for free but they’re cheap and easy to create – you can easily find gobos for practically anything or better yet, you can get some custom gobos made with your own brand, logo or DJ name! This tiny projector can be attached via clamps or strong magnets that allow attachment to any magnetic metal surface, it’s tiny and flexible which is perfect for the traveling DJ.

The projection itself is bright and accurate and it has surprising range, so you can project images or text onto far walls and ceilings. This is a very cool piece of kit to bring to events and parties and given the flexibility of the gobo image-slide system, you can project all manner of shapes and text with this mini projector.

  • Tiny and very portable
  • Comes with some gobo slides
  • Easily mounted or attached


Some excellent items here ranging from the simple and necessary, e.g. headphone adapters and USB sticks, to some cool accessories that can greatly enhance your DJ setups, e.g. lights and projectors.
DJs are expected to carry more now than ever – be that DJ that comes armed to the teeth with gear – it’ll pay dividends!

DJ accessories make you more marketable, reliable and professional. You’ll please sound and events staff and most importantly the crowd, whether it’s a kid’s birthday party, corporate event or wedding.

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