Best Speakers for House Parties

The house party is the bread and butter of the DJ! Venues and stages are all good but there’s nothing really like a warm-up, wind-down or all-night party in a house or home of someone you know (or don’t know!)

Everyone loved a house party when they were younger but let’s face it, you’re never too old for one! From classy soirees to friendly gathering and everything more or less outrageous, the house party is endlessly fun and entertaining.

So what are the ingredients of a perfect house party? A few things… but perhaps above all else, you need your music to be hitting all the right notes all night along.

In short, to throw a great house party you need quality speakers.

The louder you can crank them the better but even at low volumes, the type of speakers and their quality really matters. Also, it’s not just about volume but aesthetics and the size of the speaker – a speaker with a bit of substance to it can often get the dance moves cracking.

Sony GTKXB7BC Audio System with Bluetooth470W3 x 1.97" Drivers; Equipped with Bluetooth and NFC; EXTRA BASS Technology;PRICING
SoundBoks 2 Bluetooth Speaker216W122 dB of Supreme Sound Quality; Hassle-free Bluetooth and AUX Connectivity;PRICING
DiamondBoxx Model XL2 Speaker1000W12 Amplifiers and 14 Speakers; Distortion Free Sound at Any Volume Level;PRICING
Aiwa Exos-9 Portable Bluetooth Speaker200W5 Powered Drivers; 6.5" Subwoofer; 5-Band EQ with 4 Presets;PRICING
ION Audio Block Rocker Plus100W Robust 8-inch Woofer; Built-in 2-way Speaker;PRICING
PYLE-PRO Amplifier Part 10-Inch/700 Watt PPHP1037UB350W700W Peak; Bluetooth Audio Streaming; USB & SD Card Audio Inputs;PRICING

So what are the main qualities of an exceptional party speaker?

Size and Portability

Size can be beneficial either way, whether your speaker is small or large. A massive thumping speaker has a presence in itself but it’s not always convenient to have about the house. House party speakers might need to be placed in a small corner of a room or wheeled down the neighbourhood, thrown into the back of a car, etc. A bigger speaker may be louder but it’s not always the best option!

Sound Quality

When it comes to party tunes and electronic music we’re usually looking for two things in a speaker system: bass and volume. Obviously, treble and mids matter too but there’s nothing really like a thumping bassline.

Bass isn’t always easy to produce in smaller speaker, though. Some party speakers use bass-boosting technology to punch above their size, others sacrifice portability for extra speakers.

Aside from bass, mids speakers and tweeters are extremely important. Tweeters are small speakers that play the highest frequencies. Not every speaker system has all 3 types of speakers; bass, mids and treble. A speaker with just two speakers is called a two-way speaker. One with 3 speakers for each frequency range is called a three-way speaker. Other types of house party speaker come with an array of different speakers for different frequencies.

Passive vs Active

In the audio world, there are two main types of speakers. The first are powered or active speakers. These contain built-in amplifiers; think of the studio classic, the KRK Rokit, it has its own power switch – you just plug it into the mains and is therefore active and powered.

Second, we have passive speakers. These need to be amplified through an external amplifier. All major club systems use passive speakers connected to massive amps – this allows for greater power.

Most party speakers are active or powered. This means no amp, which is extremely convenient. Also, with today’s speaker technology, you don’t absolutely need passive speakers for high levels of volume. Every speaker in this list is active, e.g. you won’t need an amp.


A quality party speaker needs useful connections for all manner of audio media. Sure, you’ll be mixing through it with your DJ equipment for most of the night but you might have had enough by the early hours of the morning! It’s great to have a choice of connectors ranging from a wired RCA, AUX or mini-jack to Bluetooth and NFC. No matter what devices are available at the party, you can get connected to your speakers.

Sony GTKXB7BC High Power Home Audio System With Bluetooth

This speaker looks pretty awesome and given it’s manufactured by audio giant Sony, there’s already some assurance that it delivers quality for its price. It has Sony features like PartyLink which allows you to chain it to other speakers and with Bluetooth and NFC, it comes with both wired and wireless connections. With plenty of power and a flexible design that can be either stood up or laid down, this speaker is a great solution for house parties.


This speaker is bulky but it isn’t impossible to carry around either. The controls and ports are neatly built into the rear of the speaker to keep the front clutter-free. It’s attractively built and feels extremely solid. There are some nifty LED lights on the front which can be used to simply illuminate a space or can act as battery indicators and even pulse to the music.


This two-way speaker has 470 watts of power which is pretty considerable. If you crank it, it’ll be very loud, easily loud enough for a house party, unless you own a mansion! Sony has built impressive bass into this speaker, it really rumbles which is awesome given that it isn’t physically enormous.

SoundBoks 2 Bluetooth Speaker

This speaker is massive! However, at 33 lbs it’s not a backbreaker and it even comes with its own back straps to help you carry it around. It also comes with an awesome 40 hours battery life on a single charge, which is pretty crazy. This speaker is serious and it has a price to match but to be fair, it really pushes the boundaries, in a good way!


This speaker is solid and is built to a great standard. Its large frame ensures that you get a larger-than-life sound which resembles more of a pro soundsystem than a normal home speaker system. It’s portable enough but you couldn’t really carry it miles without some back strain at least!


With two large speakers, the SoundBoks 2 is LOUD. It can apparently deliver 122 dB of audio, which is very loud indeed. The cabinet is well engineered also, ensuring super deep bass. It’s pretty pumped in the lows so don’t expect super-crisp high frequencies but this speaker hits the nail on the head by delivering enormous sound in a portable house-party worthy package.

DiamondBoxx Model XL2 Speaker

This speaker breaks the mould of two-way and three-way systems by packing an incredible 14 speakers distributed between 12 amplifiers. With bass enclosures, mid speakers and an impressive row of tweeters, this speaker system is a bit different to anything else on the market. Also, you can power it from an in-built battery or from the mains, it has Bluetooth and adding to its superb core features, it even allows for the connection of other devices for charging. It’s a pretty incredible device.


This is a premium speaker system. It looks the part and it’s built to an incredible standard. With an awesome textured finish, retro styling and leather handle, this speaker system is aesthetically beautiful. It feels durable and is hand-made in California – it’s the real deal and will last you for years if you look after it.


Well, with that many speakers you have to be hopeful about audio quality! With 1000 watts of power behind it, rest assured, this speaker delivers wholeheartedly in the audio area. It can produce 120dB of volume but the best thing is that it’s so well tuned. Between those 12 speakers, you get an excellent distribution of audio, it sounds brilliant.

Aiwa Exos-9 Portable Bluetooth Speaker

This awesome speaker system combines a home hi-fi solution with something that can handle a room full of guests with ease. It looks great, so it won’t look out of place as a permanent addition to a front-room, especially when compared to the ugly brute of the SoundBoks 2! Think of it as a more professional house party speaker system – it’s stylish and sleek.


This speaker is well designed to fit in with any home decor, it doesn’t share the same rugged design as the Sony or SoundBoks 2 but it’s still very sturdy. Built to impress both visually and in sturdiness and durability, this speaker clearly caters to both home and party audiences.


This 5-way speaker has a large bass speaker, 2 mid speakers and 2 high-frequency tweeters. With over 200 watts behind it, it packs a punch and though that doesn’t seem up to scratch when compared to the SoundBoks 2 or DiamondBoxx, it’s still very loud, crisp, dynamic and well defined.

ION Audio Block Rocker Plus

This is a little more fun and a lot less serious than say the DiamondBoxx. Having a speaker worth over $1000 or so at a house party may not sound like your idea of fun. After all, we just need a bit of noise, not a state-of-the-art sound system right? The Ion Rocker fills this place in the market. It’s fun, inexpensive and it packs a punch strong enough to get guests rocking around the front room. Combined with a long 50-hour battery life and a cool microphone, this speaker is perfect for a party so rawkous that you don’t want to lay your $500 speaker on the line!


This speaker is solid and though it may not reach the lofty heights of the DiamondBoxx or Aiwa Exos-9, it’s not going to break easily. It’s small enough to carry anywhere but it’s not tiny either. It’s built to a really good standard so although it looks a little more plasticy and cheap, it makes up for it in durability.


This two-way speaker has an 8-inch woofer and a wide tweeter pushing 100 watts between them. It goes pretty loud, easily loud enough to cater for a packed front room or small garden. It’s not going to burst any ear-drums but the bass is juicy and it doesn’t lack severely in any area.

PYLE-PRO Amplifier Part 10-Inch/700 Watt PPHP1037UB

This speaker isn’t designed to sit on a desktop or table, it’s more of a PA speaker condensed into a party-size unit. It’s pretty awesome though, with a range of connection options including USB, SD card and Bluetooth, standard RCA and AUX inputs and an impressive 700 watts of power it’s an excellent multi-purpose speaker.


This speaker is solid and has a classic PA speaker style build. It’s not winning any awards for stylishness and you wouldn’t want it permanently in your front-room but it’s durable and strong, that’s what counts! It has an array of connections built in to the back for convenience and it isn’t too heavy. It does seem very strong, the classic plastic build this going to survive more than a few knocks!


This speaker combines a 10-inch woofer with a compression driver for 700 watts of full-range power. It’s loud and punchy and it’ll cut through the noise of a house party comfortably. Its large diaphragm design ensures deep bass and punch in the mids and highs. Overall, this speaker provides very impressive volume, probably more than you’d need for even the loudest house parties. Set it up and start rocking!


All of these speakers are exceptional for house parties.

If you want to go super high-end and impress your guests then the DiamondBoxx XL2 reigns supreme. It’s costly but quite frankly, it’s worth it. It sounds amazing and it looks awesome, it’s simply a tremendous unit that will serve you for many a party and beyond!

The SoundBoks 2 here is the heavy duty option. It’s big, brash, brutal and it’ll boom all night long for sure!

Where value is concerned, the ION Audio Block Rocker is superb. It’s louder, well built with extras like a microphone and with tons of connectivity options, it’ll serve any device regardless of whether you’re using decks or a phone.

The Pyle is awesome if you’re looking for something that can double up as a monitor speaker or PA speaker. It combines a tried and tested PA speaker design with something portable and powerful.

The Aiwa is the classy option. It looks awesome and you won’t need to pack it away between parties, it’ll always serve you well as a hi-fi system in your front room.

Finally, the Sony GTKXB7BC is the big brand option from the lineup. With nifty features like PartyLink and generous power under the hood, it’s an awesome reliable unit.

Overall, you can’t go wrong with any of these speakers!

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