Best Wireless Headphones for DJing (Updated Aug 2022)

Headphones are an extension of your ears and without them, well, you certainly won’t go very far in the DJ world! Never underestimate how important they are to your mixing techniques and competency, a good pair of headphones will vastly improve your mixing!

Headphones will pull your DJing together. You can tighten your mixes, home into smaller nuances and details and generally perceive your music more competently. So, we’re all familiar with wired headphones and they obviously offer reliability and dependability BUT, wireless headphones have become very reliable themselves and actually, we’re seeing more DJs moving over to them.

This is only set to continue as the technology improves further, wireless headphones are certainly trending right now as there are some superb models available. That being said, let’s take a closer look at some of the best wireless headohpones for DJing you can get currently.

V-Moda Crossfade 250mm Dual-Diaphragm Driver; Bluetooth Wireless; Steel Frame & Headband;PRICING
Pioneer HDJ-X5BT40mm Dynamic Drivers; 5 Hz to 30 kHz Frequency Response; Internal Rechargeable Battery;PRICING
Stanton DJ Pro 6000
50mm Dynamic Drivers; Anodized Aluminum Earcups; Low-latency Wireless Capability;PRICING
Audio-Technica ATH-M50X45mm Neodymium Drivers; 90-Degree Swiveling Earcups; Extended Frequency Range for Clarity; Single-Ear Monitoring;PRICING

Bluetooth DJ Headphones

Wires? Who needs wires? Always being connected to your mixer is a hassle and it does result in accidents fairly often. Broken leads, bits of adapters stuck in the mixer output, tripping, falling, getting tangled up with the DJ you’re doing a back-to-back set with, the list goes on!

Bluetooth headphones are pretty new on the block and as such, there are very few dedicated units available. Latency is still an issue, so in all fairness, we’ve got a way to go until Bluetooth headphones overtake their wired counterparts completely. Still, it’s great to have the option there and widespread Bluetooth capability in mixers and controllers is imminent.

Also, by owning a pair of headphones which combine wired with wireless, you won’t need to carry around a second pair of Bluetooth headphones for when you need wireless listening. You’ll just need the 1 pair!

Sound Isolation

Sound isolation is an obvious quality in a pair of DJ headphones. Venues are LOUD! Imagine trying to mix on some super-open headphones which provide no padding, it wouldn’t be easy and you’d probably have to crank them hard to hear the tunes. Good sound isolation helps you hear your mixing and protects your ears.

Audio Quality

Audio quality is generally pretty high amongst big brand headphones but there are some crucial considerations here. For example, commercial headphones are usually designed with beefy bass and jacked up highs. Sounds good? Well, it doesn’t really give an accurate image of your mix, even if it does make music sound good overall. There’s no real need for overaccentuated frequencies when you’re DJing, you just want to hear the music as you’re monitoring.

DJ headphones are therefore designed much like studio monitor headphones. They’re accurate and true-to-source, enabling you to hear what is actually there in a tune, without distortion.

Durability and Comfort

DJ sets can go on for a while, maybe even longer than a couple of hours but nearly always an hour or so. If you’re the only DJ at a house party then you might be expected to mix all night! Either way, comfort is a priority. Many DJ headphones come with thick wadding but many also achieve comfort in a slimline profile.

Durability is also important. Your headphones are going to get chucked in a bag on more than a few occasions! Many manufacturers test their headphones quite dramatically to make sure they don’t fall apart under a few knocks or drops. For example, Pioneer uses the same tests used to gauge the durability of military electronics!

V-Moda Crossfade 2

These are top quality headphones that sit at the $200 mark or over. That might seem pricey but they’re pro headphones, there’s no question about that! Actually, the price is pretty reasonable once you compare them to other high-end hi-fi headphones – these can shoot off with the best.


V-Moda advertises military spec plastic and aluminium and the build does match up to this with strong joins and composition components. These headphones are clearly built to stand up to some wear and tear, there’s no doubt about it. The earpads are extremely comfy and have clearly been engineered with proper ergonomics in mind, they don’t chafe the top of the ear even when you wear them for extremely long periods of time. The headband is also comfy and super-strong, and it’s obviously easily adjusted to fit any head size.

These headphones have Bluetooth 4.3 enabled and it works very reliably. They do have a wired mode too as a backup, so don’t worry if things don’t quite go to plan in wired mode! In fact, the Bluetooth in these headphones works so well that they may just convert you away from wires altogether!


These headphones have won plenty of awards and many come in the sound department. They provide defined, well-rounded and full tones with precision and clarity. They have a really clean monitor-headphone tone and it really does help you mix. The drivers are precision-engineered in Japan and they’ve clearly got a top-notch design which punches heavier than $200 suggests.

Pioneer HDJ-X5BT

Pioneer are never too far behind. Well actually, they’re never beind at all, they’re usually one step ahead! This pair of Bluetooth wireless headphones looks distinctly Pioneer, utilitarian and bulky with super-strong components and large earmuffs. The driver units are very well built and they’ve put a long time into developing the Bluetooth with enhanced range and reliability. They’re actually more or less Bluetooth versions of the HDJ-X5s, which are some of the bestselling mid-tier DJ headphones around.


These are proper DJ headphones and they don’t mess about with slimline designs or little features, they’re simply proper over-ear DJ headphones. Extremely comfy and ergonomically designed, these headphones will feel great on your head all night, you might even forget that they’re there which is awesome for a bulky pair of headphones. These headphones are also extremely durable – Pioneer supposedly put them through the same tests as military spec electronic equipment! They’re clearly built to survive the road and they do have a super-cool kind of military edge to their look. They’re also available in 3 different colors!


With 40mm drivers and Pioneer’s obvious industry experience, these headphones provide formidable audio quality. The bass bangs without being too powerful, mids are present without fuzz or cloudiness and the highs cut through suitably to allow you to line up your hats and snares. Pioneer doesn’t do audio incorrectly and these headphones testify to their experience in the industry. If you’re using with Bluetooth then you can enjoy the aptX codec which provides quality audio at extremely low latencies. They have an operable distance of up to 10m which is great.

Stanton DJ Pro 6000

Stanton is an industry veteran and their products are used by many top DJs including the likes of Fatboy Slim. Their headphones haven’t changed much for some time, they’ve always been top of the game and their legacy in the DJ industry is secured. The Stanton DJ Pro 6000s combine fantastic 50mm drivers with Bluetooth technology to offer a quality pair of Bluetooth headphones at the pro level. They’ll deliver either wirelessly or with the wire included, you’re not left with just the 1 option.


These headphones look great and whilst they use a large framed over-ear designed, they’re not too clunky or bulky. They have a leather headband and supersoft earpads, metal hinges and other premium materials. They’ll sit comfortably on your head for the duration of the night without chafing your ears, and that’s hugely important!


50mm drivers set these apart from other headphones here. They’ll provide dynamic and precision audio across the spectrum and if you need them to go loud, they can certainly go loud! Clear, tonally balanced and well-defined, the audio from these headphones suits their price tag. The drivers are well-made and you can tell the difference, especially in impact and fullness.


Audio Technica are audio tech veterans and the ATH-M50x builds upon the critically acclaimed M50X headphones by adding Bluetooth technology. In performance and build, they mirror the M50Xs exactly. These are classically designed large over-ear headphones. They provide comfort and superb audio over cable or Bluetooth with super-low latency. They also run in wired mode.


These are large headphones which enclose your ears comfortably. They isolate outside noise really well as they’re designed for use as studio monitors. Big framed and durable, these aren’t compact headphones but they’ll enclose your head and shut you off from ambient noise so you can concentrate when you mix. If you’re into your super-slim headphones then these probably aren’t for you but you might just be converted by their soft and strong big frame.


Audio-Technica deliver in the sound department and with 45mm drivers, these headphones deliver crisp and realistic audio across the spectrum. They are brilliantly well rounded and recreate audio accurately. These must be some of the best sounding headphones in the price bracket! These have clearly been designed with studio and home listening in mind and they deliver more-than-competently in both casual and professional situations.


Bluetooth is coming to mixers and controllers soon but these two pairs of headphones both enable normal cabled use as well as Bluetooth – you’re not left with one and not the other. When Bluetooth rolls out to the DJ world, you’ll be ready!

The Pioneers here are mix-ready, cheap (yep, even for Pioneer), and they combine Bluetooth technology with a super-strong and popular design. They’re accountable regardless of whether you’re listening to your favorite music on trains, planes, out and about, etc, or if you’re mixing up in the club or party!

The V-Moda Crossfade 2’s here are the class act and they’ll easily crunch through any audio task, regardless of whether you’re jamming along to tunes on a jog or cycle or are slamming dancefloor classics into the early hours. They’re awesome headphones, just chuck ‘em in your bag and they’ll serve you for anything!

The Stanton Pro 6000s justify their price tag with 50mm drivers and an incredibly wwell-designedbody. They sound awesome, look great and can easily deliver in any audio situation you throw at them.

The Audio-Technica M50XBTs build upon a superb legacy and they’re difficult to beat at the price. They’re perfect for audio multi-tasking, so regardless of whether you’re out and about, in the studio or behind the decks, they’ll deliver class-leading audio in either wired or wireless mode.

Therein lies the benefit of Bluetooth DJ headphones – they’re very flexible and they can replace other pairs of headphones so you only need to take the one pair with you wherever you go.

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