11 Cheap DJ Controller Cases

DJ controllers have enabled new mixing opportunities for all manner of DJs of all types. From the Pioneer flagship models costing several thousand dollars to budget options that cost barely $100, there is something for everyone, no matter your budget, ability or ambition.

That is the wonder of the DJ controller!

In addition, though, DJ controllers are super-portable, highly practical and provide pro-level mixing capabilities that easily rival or surpass that of turntables, CDJs and mixer setups.

So, what are the crucial items you need to accompany your controller? First and foremost, you’ll need a case!

Cases protect your controller and allow you to travel with it safely, making the most of your controller’s portability. DJ controllers shouldn’t be particularly fragile but with knobs, faders and other sticky-out-bits, you really do need to think about protecting them. Don’t skip getting yourself a superb case!

Cases are numerous and there’s something for every budget. There are a few different types of DJ controller available:

  • The carry-bag/soft case

Controller carry-bags are comfortable to wear on your back or across your shoulders. They’re usually manufactured from padded material and nylon, so they don’t tend to offer the same level of protection as traditional metal flight cases.

  • The flight case

Flight cases are rugged, strong and extremely durable – the traditional choice for touring music gear. Flight cases are often very weighty and expensive but for demanding situations, they’re the only choice for carrying expensive gear.

  • The hard case

Somewhere between flight cases and soft cases we have the hard case. Hard cases are created from durable shock-resistant plastic and often have layers of protective inner foam. They combine protection and portability by avoiding heavy materials.

LTGEM EVA Hard Case for Numark Party Mix – Travel Protective Carrying Storage Bag

Designed for the fun and famous Numark Party Mix, this case is rather small, very cheap and represents great value for money. It will fit other similarly sized controllers but check dimensions first! As a hard-case, this offers a great level of protection to small controllers.


Created from tested shock resistant plastic with a soft exterior coated in semi-waterproof material, this case gets the job done. With a carry strap and extra interior room for headphones and accessories, you don’t really need much more. It’ll protect your controller but it won’t stop a bullet, it’s a decent case for a stupidly cheap price.

LTGEM Case for Pioneer DJ DDJ-SB3 / DDJ-SB2 / DDJ-400

This is exactly the same as the prior case but is specifically designed to fit small Pioneer controllers including the highly popular DDJ-SB2, DDJ-SB3, and DDJ-400.


Without repeating ourselves too much, this case offers rock-solid value. It’ll easily shield your controller from minor knocks and drops but if you plan on any serious touring or traveling then you might need something a bit more heavy duty. That said, you can’t go wrong with the cash!

Hard CASE for Pioneer DJ DDJ-SB3 / DDJ-SB2 DJ / DDJ-400 Controller or DDJ-RB Portable 2-channel Controller (Not for DDJ-SR2)

Another case for highly popular portable Pioneer controllers, this is actually a hard case which is pretty awesome for the cash. It’s cheap, durable and will easily protect Pioneer controllers from travel knocks and bumps.


With a tested shock and semi-waterproof exterior, this case is clearly built to a decent spec, particularly for its price. It’s not going to protect your controller from very serious road treatment but it’ll certainly offer decent protection for standard use.

Magma MGA40964 – DJ Controller Workstation DDJ-SX / SX2 / DDJ-RX Heavy-duty Road Case

Taking durability up a notch leads you to hard cases like this classic flight-case style case for Pioneer DDJ-SX, SX2, and DDJ-RX controllers. These are serious controllers and this is a serious case.


This case is built from highly durable 9mm thick plywood and it has aluminum hardware and strong butterfly catches for extra protection and security. It’s clearly a strong case and is built to last a lifetime. You can chuck it about, if you so please, and probably expect your precious cargo to be completely fine! To finish off this brilliant case is a gliding laptop platform which is conveniently stowed in the top cover.


Odyssey is a famous manufacturer of strong hard cases. This one is designed for the super-popular Numark Mixtrack 3, Mixtrack Pro 3, and Mixtrack Platinum. These are all superb controllers and they’re cheap enough to leave you with enough cash to grab a proper case, if you need it.


With strong veneered sides, aluminum strengthened corners and very strong catches, the quality of this case is immediately obvious. It isn’t cheap but it doesn’t feel cheap, even though it is quite light all in all. Sturdy and strong enough to withstand serious road wear-and-tear, this case packs not only durable hardware but a patented built-in laptop stand.

Odyssey FZGSDJC1 DJ Carrying Case

Heres another Odyssey case which suits medium sized controllers including the Pioneer DDJ-SB, Numark Mixtrack Pro II, and Traktor Control S2/S4. It’s very similar to the previous case and matches it pretty much exactly in quality.


Like the previous controller, this is built from veneered strong sides with strong butterfly catches and aluminum reinforcement. It’s not cheap but it is a ‘proper’ flight case that will sustain quite severe wear-and-tear.

Gator GK-2110 Gig Bag for Micro Controllers (22.5″ x 11.5″ x 4″)

Gator is a quality manufacturer of protective audio gear and this case/gig bag is awesome value and greater quality. Made from padded nylon, it’s certainly more of a carry-bag than anything else, so it won’t hold up to really heavy-duty wear and tear. That said, it’s extremely comfortable to wear and so long as you aren’t chucking your controller around, it provides a good level of protection.


This is designed for ‘micro’ controllers. It’s also widely used for MIDI controllers and guitar pedals, as well as other assorted music and non-related gear. In terms of controllers, it’ll fit anything around the size of the Numark Mixtrack Pro. The bag also has an accessory pocket which is highly convenient for cables and headphones.

MAGMA DDJ-SX2/RX CTRL (47996) Hardshell Case for Pioneer SX2 and DDJ-RX

Manufactured by Magma, this case fits large controllers like the Pioneer DDJ-SX2, DDJ-SX and DDJ-RX. It’s created with a hard-shell which is shock-tested and water-resistant. It’s a high-quality case, even if it is very simple, and will protect larger controllers from plenty of shocks, knocks, drops and bumps.


This case is tested to ensure both its shock-proofing and water-resistance. It’s very simple and features no exterior pockets, just a loop for attaching a shoulder sling. Overall, its a high quality but minimalist case which offers strong protection at a very reasonable price.

Pioneer DJ DJC-B BAG

This small controller bag is manufactured by Pioneer and whilst it isn’t rock-bottom in price, it is still reasonably cheap and it offers pro-level protection for small controllers. With a durashock molded body and a ballistic nylon coating, this bag is crafted from top materials. This DJ controller fits the DDJ-RB, DDJ-SB or DDJ-SB2 and comes with pre-cut inserts to fit both the DDJ-WEGO4 or the DDJ-WeGO3.


This case doesn’t add anything flashy but it’s constructed from strong materials and is designed specifically to fit small Pioneer controllers. Though perfectly sized for the DDJ-SB range, with pre-cut inserts included, you can use it to store the WEGO series without modification.

Gator Cases Club Series DJ Backpack with Adjustable Interior and Bright Orange Lining Fits 27″ Controllers

This awesome bag case is perfect for an array of controllers ranging to the very biggest Pioneer range: DDJ-RX, DDJ-SX and DDJ-SX2. It’s extremely well designed and comes with a whole host of inserts, you can fit many controllers in safely and easily. It’s very well padded and water-resistant, ensuring you can trust it in virtually all weathers!


This case has tons of pockets, tons of protection and it’s really well designed with its appealing orange inserts. It’s pricey but it’s a pro solution and you can’t go wrong with it!

MAGMA Carry-Lite L DJ Case MGA41100

Magma here with another awesome and beautifully well-designed DJ controller case. This one is created with strong black shock-resistant plastic and complete with aluminum reinforcements it’s clearly extremely durable. This fits all small controllers like the Pioneer DDJ-SB2, NI Kontrol S2 and Denon Mic-3000.


With an array of plastic inserts, this case is easily customized for the perfect fit. It’s also two-layer which offers more protection for gear and spaces for cables, headphones and other accessories. This case is extremely well designed, a real pro-choice for owners of smaller controllers.


These are all excellent cheap DJ controller cases. Depending on your controller and criteria, there’s something here for everyone. Your choice will largely depend on what demands you have for case durability. If you’re touring around the world, or simply just traveling with your controller as luggage, then you’ll need something strong. For trips around your town or city, a more comfortable and lighter carry-bag might do better.

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