Numark DJ2GO2 vs Hercules Starlight – Which One Should You Choose?

Controllers have achieved many things for the DJ industry. They’re powerful, flexible, portable and allow for an all-in-one solution to high-tech mixing without the extraneous cost of buying CDJs or turntables and a pricey mixer.

Amongst other innovations in the controller industry, controllers have decreased in size to smaller and smaller solutions to both practice and performance. Smaller controllers easily fit on cramped desks, in small rooms, crowded tables at parties, your lap, the passenger seat dashboard..etc! They allow for DJs to mix more often in more places than ever before, and also ensure that you’re always able to practice and perform anywhere at any time.

So, what small controllers are available right now? Here, we’ll be comparing the two very smallest:

Both of these controllers can be mapped to software like Serato DJ Lite, which is 100% free. Just add a laptop and you’re good to go. Mixing on these controllers is fun, cheap and accessible, which is super cool. Micro-controllers like these are rising in popularity not just because of their novelty size, but because they’re extremely useful for impromptu party performances, practice and bedroom DJing.

These controllers look and seem remarkably similar and truth be told, they are very similar. Alas, there are of course some key differences!

Differences At a Glance

Before moving on to individual reviews, let’s take a look at the differences between these two controllers. For the most part, these controllers are the same in that they have micro cross and tempo faders, EQs or filters, small jogwheels and 4 performance pads per deck. However, there are some key differences quickly summarized as follows:

Numark DJ2GO2


  • Has a browser button to allow for easy scrolling and selection of music
  • Smallest of the two controllers by a small margin
  • Rubberized buttons and finish, nice build quality overall by Numark


  • Jogwheels doesn’t detect sensitive touches (no scratching!)
  • EQ but no filter (both a positive and negative depending on your taste)
  • Backlighting not so good

Hercules Starlight


  • Jogwheels are more sensitive, scratching is possible
  • Backlight is better
  • Slightly bigger and more spacious


  • Bigger not always better depending on the user
  • No browser button so will need to browse laptop manually to load selections
  • Filter but no EQ

Numark DJ2GO2 Serato DJ controller

Bottom Line: Numark’s super-small, super-portable and excellently well-designed DJ2GO2 is an awesome little controller with superb functionality. Numark pretty much always deliver a quality product at a low price and this innovative controller is certainly no exception!

This controller is innovative due to its size, and the fact also that despite its size, it’s fully featured and allows you to execute proper mixes without much compromise. The controller is actually around 35cm in length which means it’ll fit across the front of a laptop for an ultra-small footprint mix station. It’s very easy to transport in bags or even large coat pockets!

This controller isn’t all size and no bite, though. With 2 small jog-wheels, a primary mix crossfader, tempo faders and two-band EQs, this controller packs the basics. On top of all that, you get 4 performance pads per deck which allow easy access and execution of FX, samples and cue points. That’s pretty awesome given the tiny size of this controller.

This controller also features a browser knob which the Hercules lacks. That means you can browse and select tunes without touching your laptop mouse or trackpad.

The key aspect of this controller and the Starlight by Hercules is obviously their size. This controller is the smallest of the two, though the difference is small. It’s super-portable and allows for easy practicing on the move, or mix prep. That’s not to say you can’t use this controller for proper DJ sets though! Leave it in your bag for that spontaneous house party session, outside gig or event.

Headline Features

  • Smallest of the two controllers
  • Very well built
  • Awesome for portable mixing

Hercules DJControl Starlight

Bottom Line: This controller does essentially copy the DJ2GO2 but there some crucial differences. It’s an awesome alternative and it certainly draws upside the Numark DJ2GO2, offering a genuine alternative.

First things first, this controller is very small. It is slightly larger than the DJ2GO2, not large enough to make it any less portable, though. Some may find the extra space beneficial for mixing purposes. For all intents and purposes, though, it’s almost identical in layout and design to the DJ2GO2.

This controller also has 2 small jog-wheels with haptic feedback. This makes them a little easier to use the DJ2GO2, they feel more solid, accurate and professional. This controller also has a crossfader, tempo faders and 4 performance buttons per deck. One differing aspect is the EQ, this controller uses a BASS/FILTER knob in place of a 2-band EQ. The practical difference is small.

With proper backlighting, you could say this controller has slightly more hardware going for it. The lacking browser knob is annoying though if you’re used to just scrolling quickly through a playlist without touching your laptop.

This controller is superb and whilst it is slightly bigger, this is beneficial for the most part given that it makes the controller significantly easier to use for some.

Headline Features

  • Slightly bigger and spaced out than the DJ2GO2
  • Cheaper in some places
  • Backlighted


Both of these controllers map easily to all software included Serato DJ Lite which is totally free. All you need is the controller and your PC or laptop and you’re good to go! These controllers are cheap, flexible and they easily provide a portable mixing solution to any DJs travel-bag or home studio.

Both controllers are excellent and they’re closely matched in most areas. Can we call the best then? Not really! It’s very hard to split them, you may have a gut instinct so just go for that, but either way, you won’t be disappointed!

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