Serato DJ Pro Tips and Tricks

Serato DJ Pro is virtually Serato DJ 2.0 but they’ve completely renamed it to reflect how many changes they’ve made, even if many aren’t initially obvious. Firsty, Serato DJ Pro is free to upgrade to. Just head into your Serato account and download to update free of charge!

Serato DJ Pro doesn’t completely change Serato, but who wanted that anyway? Instead, it brings a few smaller extra features and a TON of back-end improvements. It’s super-stable, streamlined to the max, powerful and it works perfectly with the very latest software.

The Interface

The interface is pretty much the same as Serato DJ. However, Serato have switched to 64-bit architecture. This allows the software to take advantage of maximum system resources. On older versions, Serato DJ was only 32-bit which meant libraries of thousands of tunes could cause memory issues. Not anymore!

Also, Serato DJ Pro’s UI is also hi-res enabled and it’s absolutely crystal clear – perfectly tuned to the newest screens. It’s safe to say it looks amazing! Also, you can use Serato DJ Pro on larger screens, even 4k TVs if you want to! Those waveforms in 4k look awesome!

Practice Mode

Practice mode is here! You can now use Serato with NO CONTROLLER! This is a superb change, it allows you to test transitions and mixes using your PC speakers. We can’t stress how awesome this is, simply load up Serato DJ Pro with no controller and you’ll notice it’ll load in practice mode. Perfect for practice or for messing about.

Serato DJ Lite

Serato DJ Intro is gone! Serato DJ Lite is here. It’s free and license-free, meaning you can download it and use it on any controller. This means you can buy a crazy cheap controller and load it up with Serato DJ Intro for free. Awesome, right?

Cool Tips

Here are some cool tips for getting the most out of Serato DJ Pro:


Serato DJ Pro brings in a new performance pad cue layout. It’s a subtle touch, but you can enter the performance pad cue layout menu on the deck to now view a streamlined menu for adding cue points for access using pads on your mixer.

Control/Command + L

When you’re scrolling your library, hit Control + L to re-highlight the track which is currently on the deck. For example, you’re scrolling your library and get miles away from where you started and you think, actually, I don’t want to change the tune. Command + L will get you back to where you started. This means you can browse near your current tune which is handy if you’re searching by BPM or key.

Adding From iTunes

In setup, you can toggle ‘Show iTunes Library’. This can be annoying to have on permanently. Instead, you can bring up the iTunes library temporarily, navigate to a folder, e.g. ‘Purchased’ and load the tune into a crate. Simply turn off the iTunes library to re-hide it – pretty handy.

Undo Last Track

This is a crazy useful tip. Write it down now! If you load a track, you can hit Control/command + Z to undo it. Not only will this remove the track you loaded, but it will also reload the last tune on the deck at exactly the point it was playing it. If you accidentally load a tune onto the wrong deck simply hit Control + Z to completely reverse the action – no one may even notice!


Serato DJ Pro continues Serato’s long legacy of awesome DJ software. It builds from strong foundations to create something fresh enough to please with some extra features but familiar enough to not change DJing lives!

[source: DJcityTV]

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