The Cheapest Serato DJ Controllers You Can Get

DJ controllers come at all sorts of price points covering the whole spectrum from super low-cost portable DJ solutions to full-blown CDJ and mixer replacement systems. There’s something for everyone, every DJ use, every preference…you’re really spoilt for choice!

Nonetheless, you still need to take into account essential prerequisites such as build quality, onboard features, bundled software, connectivity options, price-performance ratio, and everything in between.

So, let’s dig deeper into the topic and figure out which are the cheapest Serato DJ controllers you can pick these days.

Serato DJ: The Cheapest DJ Software?

All three main brands of DJ software are closely matched in terms of products and price. However, Traktor and RekordBox DJ are specifically designed for use with Native Instruments and Pioneer equipment. Native Instruments and Pioneer controllers aren’t cheap! They do offer cheaper models for under around $300 but that’s still quite a lot.

Serato, however, isn’t tied to a manufacturer. You’ll find lots of controllers that work with Serato out of the box. This means Serato DJ is the best software for the budget conscious DJ. Of course, Serato DJ itself isn’t budget software – it’s easily as good as Traktor and RekordBox, it’s just that the selection is greater when selecting a Serato controller.

The Controllers

When it comes to Serato DJ, there are tons of controllers available across several manufacturers ranging from Roland to Numark and Gemini. But what if you want the very cheapest money can buy?

When it comes to bang for your buck, you just can’t beat Numark’s DJ controllers. Numark have been churning out brilliant controllers for a few years now and they’re always hard to beat in terms of their feature to price ratios.

Cheap controllers are useful for beginners, amateurs, those looking for a secondary controller for parties or small events, traveling DJs or even semi-pros and pros who want to prep sets on the go.

Sure, they aren’t built from materials like aluminium, they might not pack top-notch hardware and they’re missing a couple of pro features here and there but the differences really are quite small when compared to the big guns.

So, if you’re looking for a cheap controller for Serato then look no further than the Numark DJ2GO2 and Numark PartyMix.

Numark DJ2GO2 Serato DJ Controller

Bottom Line: The Numark DJ2GO2 is tiny! There are no similar controllers on the market so if you’re looking for the best in ultra-cheap and ultra-portable controllers, this controller is quite possibly the way forward!

This tiny DJ controller is so small that it fits over the front of your laptop! It’s tiny, very cool and it’s obviously incredibly portable. It has a sound card and comes with Serato DJ Intro. Just plug and play to your laptop and you’re ready to go!

It has the basics: jog wheels, a cross fader, rotary gain and master faders. It even has 4 pads which can be used for cue points, looping or even for triggering samples! That’s pretty amazing for such a small device. It does lack EQ and channel faders but come on, look at the size of it!

This controller makes an awesome prep controller for sorting through sets and working out transitions, inputting cue points, etc. For traveling DJs, this sized controller is a real innovation as it allows you to sort things out before you actually come to perform.

If you want to go over your set last minute in a hotel room, you can. If you’re waiting for trains and planes, you can mix and practice…the potential usefulness is enormous.

Practical uses aside, this controller can hold its own at any small event or party. Rock up anywhere with this little thing and your laptop and you can instantly mix a vibe!


  • It’s tiny!
  • Works as a proper DJ controller – you don’t need many laptop functions
  • Awesome for prep or practice
  • Great for spontaneous parties!
  • Even has 4 pads for triggering cues, samples or loops


  • No channel EQ
  • No channel faders – does have gain pots, though

Numark PartyMix

Bottom Line: The PartyMix looks more like a full-size controller and in most respects, it is pretty much a normal DJ controller. But, it’s very cheap and it comes with some cool features which makes it stand out from the crow.d

A small step up in price and size is the PartyMix. This controller is small enough to carry pretty much anywhere in a medium sized bag. It’s built out with more typical DJ controller features, like channels faders, a 2-band EQ and larger jog wheels.

This is more of a party controller than a prep controller, but it can be used for both purposes. There’s no reason why you couldn’t perform a set to a reasonable amount of people with this and it’s awesome for practicing.

The PartyMix does pack a surprising and cool feature: it has a built-in light show! Colored LEDs beam out beat-synced patterns from the back of the controller. It’s a cool little innovation which makes this controller a great choice for anyone looking to liven up small events with ease and without extra equipment.


  • Comes with 2-band EQ (bass and treble)
  • Has channel faders
  • Awesome built-in LED light show!


  • It’s small but not pocket size


Serato DJ is paired with tons of cheaper controllers from all sorts of manufacturers but Numark are top of the pecking order for their innovative budget controllers. They have quirky features and they fill brave gaps in the market. It’s no wonder that Numark tops Amazon and eBay bestselling lists!

The controllers mentioned here are cheap but they’re also awesome. Numark is dedicated to creating fun but highly usable controllers and these controllers aren’t toys or gimmicks – they fulfill a practical purpose for performing DJs of pretty much any level. Don’t be fooled by their plastic exteriors or niche features, these are dependable bits of kit which will last you.

It’s also worth mentioning that whilst these controllers do come with Serato DJ Intro, which is upgradeable, they can also be mapped to other DJ software like RekordBox or Traktor. Serato DJ Intro is upgradeable and it should easily be enough for newcomers to DJing.

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