Best Wireless Microphone for DJs – The Ultimate Guide

One of the main enemies of the DJ is the cable. Yep, cables. Cables are just terribly annoying, they trail everywhere, get tangled up, and then there’s the issue of having every cable except the one you need, or missing adapters, etc, the list goes on!

Well, in the modern era of audio tech and DJing, there is a solution: wireless.

Wireless audio gear has been around for a while but it’s only recently becoming bulletproof in reliability and performance. The benefits of wired technology are that as long as the wire itself remains intact, it will reliably carry the signal without much risk of interference or decay.

Wireless, on the other hand, has been much more subject to issues. Issues range from dropouts to interference and glitches.

However, wireless technology now is superb. Bluetooth has come on leaps and bounds, WiFi and all sorts of data transfer techniques are super-fast and music technology ranging from headphones to microphones now enjoy incredible wireless performance for the most part.

One of the main pieces of audio technology that has benefitted from wireless is the microphone.

Microphone cables are very annoying, they get in the way and cause hazards. Also, given that many connect directly into the mixer, they can disrupt the DJ as they mix.

Here, we have some of the best wireless microphones for DJs.

Shure BLX288/PG58 Dual Channel Handheld Wireless System with 2 PG58 Vocal Microphones, J10

Bottom Line: A pro wireless setup with two microphones from Shure. A high-quality industry favorite based on the famous SM58 dynamic microphone.

This is an excellent receiver and microphone set from Shure. Shure is obviously one of the hallmark names in audio tech and their microphones have long been considered amongst the best ever made. This set contains a wireless module with two PG58 microphones. It has awesome value for a pro wireless kit.

This wireless microphone is based off no other than the very famous SM58. It’s a dynamic microphone with excellent frequency response to the human voice but actually, it’s a terrific all-rounder with an awesome profile for live use. The SM58 is great for noisy environments like a club or behind a DJ monitor, it’s a proper vocal mic that delivers reliably night after night.

The receiver is compact, very well built and works to a professional standard. It’s a serious wireless module that can handle a number of mics in a stage situation, so it’ll easily handle a 2 mic DJ setup. It has an operable distance of over 100 feet and features numerous safeguards from interference and dropouts.

Shure always deliver and if you’re looking for a flexible, reliable and expandable setup then stop here! This is a pro setup and will last you for a very, very long time.


  • SM58 is awesome
  • The wireless module is up to the most demanding tasks
  • Pretty good value
  • Will handle multiple mics


  • None

AKG WMS45 Perception Wireless Vocal Microphone System, ISM/CH70

Bottom Line: Powerful and with superb audio quality, this wireless setup is pretty groundbreaking and can handle up to 8 mics!

AKG is a top name in audio. They’ve been creating awesome microphones for several decades and have earnt top spot amongst many review listings and forum debates. This wireless system is remarkably well priced, given its great performance. It contains both a microphone and wireless module that can handle multiple microphones – up to 8.

This set contains an HT25 microphone which is superbly built for the price. It delivers excellent quality for vocals. It’s accurate, warm and with a cardioid pickup pattern, it’s ideal for vocal performances in the DJ booth. The brilliant sound quality of this budget microphone is a testament to the skill of AKG when producing microphones across the budget spectrum.

The wireless module is great also, offering superb reliability, protection from interference and dropouts and the ability to carry multiple microphones – up to 8. It provides an awesome 8 hours performance on 2 AA batteries, which is great. With XLR outputs, it will readily connect to most mixers.

This setup is great because you can add more microphones as and when you please. The module itself is excellent and will cater to some pretty demanding venues and interference situations.


  • Awesome quality for the price
  • Up to 8 mics
  • Good battery life


  • The microphone itself is relatively large


Bottom Line: Super cheap 4 mic setup perfect for events DJs. Ideal for everything from MCing and rapping to karaoke.

VocoPro is not exactly a ‘pro audio’ brand, but they offer superb value and that is the main focus of the UHF-5800 system. This system comes with no less than 4 microphones! This is awesome if you have many MCs. More MCs means more cables – best to avoid that completely!

This awesome setup delivers bang for its buck. The mics sound good enough for live use, obviously, they wouldn’t really be cut out for singers but for rapping or MCing, they’re absolutely fine and delivery decent frequency response, punch and warmth.

The system is protected from most interference and dropouts, it’s actually pretty crisp and reliable for the price and should easily work over relatively short distances of around 20 to 50 yards. You’ll get about 12 hours of battery life before things start getting choppy.

One of the best uses for this cheap mic setup is karaoke. Events DJs who do weddings, parties, birthdays, etc, will love the fact that they can get 4 decent mics to pass out to the crowd for karaoke and other fun uses.

Overall, this microphone system delivers awesome value, even if the quality is a bit lacking in some areas.


  • Cheap!
  • 4 mics included at an excellent price
  • Pretty good quality all things considered


  • Not ideal for pro setups

Sennheiser EW D1-835S Evolution Wireless D1 Digital Vocal System with Handheld Microphone E835 Dynamic Cardioid Capsule

Bottom Line: A pro wireless setup with tremendous audio quality. Builds upon the famous Evolution line of microphones.

Sennheiser will always take their place in top audio product reviews. They deliver top performing audio tech time after time and this wireless setup is no exception. The now well-known Evolution series is great, and this is a wireless mic system that delivers for an already awesome series of mics.

This mic outfit comes with a E835 dynamic mic. It’s a great mic, the wired version has been held in high regard and this wireless version is no different. It provides awesome performance across the vocal range and is ideally suited to rapping, MCing and singing. It’s super-flexible and delivers excellent warmth, response and accuracy.

Partnered with the E835 is the D1 wireless module. This highly intelligent wireless module has state-of-the-art protection systems for avoiding interference and dropouts. It has low latency, delivers great dynamics and has awesome clarity even in demanding situations.


  • Evolution E835 mic is awesome
  • Advanced wireless module is expandable and powerful
  • Robust build qualities throughout


Some report interference from WiFi

Innopow Metal Dual UHF Wireless Microphone System

Bottom Line: Excellent value for a two mic setup, this wireless system delivers a challenge to big name brands.

This awesome microphone set is cheap, powerful and delivers on its rather lofty promises. Battery life exceeds 14 hours, working ranging exceeds 150ft and with plenty of connections, added features for interference protection and great microphones, this lesser known brand delivers a great challenge to the market principles.

Firstly, this mic set is cheap. The mics themselves are dynamic and use neodymium cartridges for awesome feedback rejection in loud environments. They’re not spectacular but deliver pretty great frequency responses resulting in warm and accurate vocal reproduction. Two mics are included, remarkable for the price.

The wireless module is really well built. It delivers stable audio using inbuilt protection methods and works over pretty decent distances. It has two channels to facilitate both microphones and by and large, it delivers on what it bills. It’s an extremely solid wireless module for the price.


  • Two mics included for awesome value
  • Cheap for what is included
  • Great battery and working range


  • None really! Frequency response could maybe be better

ARCHEER Dual Bluetooth Wireless Microphone

Bottom Line: Bluetooth technology enables this mic to use a tiny receiver. It only works over short distances but that’s fine for most DJs.

Heres something a bit different; a Bluetooth wireless mic! Bluetooth wireless mics are only just becoming more common as Bluetooth technology improves. Still, they’re not without their problems and thus, most pro audio setups opt for the traditional wireless setup.

However, for DJs, Bluetooth mics are great. Why? Because you’re standing very close to the wireless module. The closer you are, the less likely you are to experience issues. Even so, this Bluetooth mic system is reportedly very reliable over 50ft or so, which will easily cover most stages.

This wireless system uses a small receiver with a built-in rechargeable battery. It simply plugs directly to your mixer, super convenient. With two microphones, this wireless set is excellent value and for use in the DJ booth, it’s pretty reliable.

The microphones themselves are warm and accurate, they’re obviously not up to the standards of some pro manufacturers but for use in noisy environments, they easily do the job.


  • Bluetooth works great over short distance for DJs
  • Two mics included for the price
  • Great value


  • Limited working range

Hotec 25 Channel UHF Handheld Wireless Microphone with Mini Portable Receiver 1/4″ Output, For Church/Home/Karaoke/Business Meeting

Bottom Line: Super cheap, super value. This mic won’t win awards but it’s very compact and works really well for a silly price.

Last but not least, this super-budget mini-wireless module type microphone is awesome for smaller parties and DJ gigs. It’s not a pro solution and it won’t deliver in large venues but for practice, bedroom DJing and house parties, it’s pretty crazy value and it just works.

This has a small wireless module which plugs directly into your mixer, you’ll need an adapter if it uses XLR. It runs off two AA batteries and is extremely simple, just plug and play. A downside is that the antennae are subject to being disrupted if connected near the DJ mixer. You can use an extension cable to rectify this if it’s an issue.

Sound quality isn’t great but at the end of the day, this super-cheap setup allows you to run a voice through your mixing set up wirelessly. It’s a basic solution but excellent for the money.


  • Cheap
  • Compact setup
  • Works pretty well!


  • Poor range and interference protection


From pro audio setups to super-cheap solutions, wireless technology is undoubtedly proving its worth in the DJ world.

Eliminating cables and creating more freedom in the DJ area, wireless mics are convenient and the downsides are more limited than ever. Many of the mic systems here are well-protected from problematic interference. Of course, problems are somewhat inevitable and you’ll have to check your setup to troubleshoot any unwanted interference but overall, wireless setups these days are pretty awesome.

From the great mics on offer here, you’d have to say the AKG Perception wireless system delivers excellent value and awesome quality for the price. The Shure BLX288/PG58 setup is the most flexible and powerful for the most part but Sennheiser’s Evolution package makes excellent appeal also.

Out of the cheaper setups, the Innopow dual mic setup is awesome for the money. It delivers on its specs and for a silly price!

Bluetooth is getting better and it’s worth keeping an eye out for when the big brands start using it for high-performance microphones. For now, the ARCHEER is pretty good over short distances.

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